Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC)

Governance and Leadership

The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) has a carefully planned leadership structure that allows us to meet the diverse needs of our community as well as serve as a resource for  the broader community.

We are governed by the Islamic Educational Council (IEC), which is composed of the following:

Board of Trustees:T his governing body, made up of board-appointed and membership-elected trustees, has the ultimate responsibility of setting the direction and vision for the Center.

Executive Committee: This committee is a subset of the board and runs the day-to-day operations of the Center and includes four elected members and three appointed members with the Board President chairing the Committee.

Initiatives: The activities of the Center are managed by different initiative teams. Each team has an initiative leader and an executive sponsor from the board. These teams include: Rahma Community Services, Quran Connections, Tours & Talks, Member Services, Welcome, Events & Activities, Adult Education, Youth Activities, New to Islam, Family Assistance, Facilities, Information, Technology, Fundraising and Ansar program

For information on becoming a member with voting rights to elect our leadership, see the Membership page on this website and submit an application form.

Who’s Who?

The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) is governed by the Islamic Educational Council, which is composed of our Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. Meet some of our leaders:

  • Shakila Ahmad –Board Chair and President
  • Inayat Malik – Past Board Chair and President
  • Ashraf Traboulsi – Vice Chair
  • Amir Izhar – Vice Chair
  • Ghulame Asif – Treasurer
  • Nazim Fazlani – Secretary
  • Baher Foad
  • Majid Qureshi
  • Nemat Moussavian
  • Nisar Haq
  • Samina Ahmed
  • Inenhe Mohamed Khalid
  • Fatima Emlemdi
  • Aman Ahmed
  • Farooq Mirza
  • Syed Mooqeth


  • Shaikh Hossam Musa – Imam
  • Ali Salahudeen – Facilities Manager
  • Amira Batal – Office Manager
  • Nadia Hidaytullah – Administrative Associate
  • Huma Khan – Accounting Assistant
  • Faiza Abid – Accounting Associate
  • Sameera Jaweed – Program Manager, Rahma
  • Leanna Allouch – Client & Case Manager, Rahma
  • Ahmad Saqr – Youth Coordinator

Initiative Leaders

  • Nehad Omara – Quran Connections
  • Shabana Ahmed – Tours & Talks
  • Afreen Asif – Rahma Community Service
  • Majid Dosani – Member Services
  • Samina Sohail – Adult Education
  • Shahid Malik – New to Islam
  • Zeinab Schwen – Welcome
  • Faiz Sherman – Volunteer
  • Nadeem Quraishi – Communication
  • Munam Syed – Sports
  • Camelia Noor – Social Events
  • Shahzafar Khaja – Information & Technology
  • Adam Soliman – Youth
  • Ashraf Traboulsi – Khutbahs
  • Ansar – Junaid Malik
  • Sunday School – Ghulam Asif, Tilat Rizvi
  • Cincinnati Muslim Professionals (CMP)