Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC)

ICGC Youth Board

ICGC Youth Board

The Islamic Center has set up a youth leadership team and a group of youth advisors who collaborate to plan many different activities for our teenagers. Among our most popular activities for ages 13 to 18 are:

  • Spiritual Talks
    Helps increase the spirituality and knowledge of the deen with these interactive sessions by insightful speakers.
  • Youth Nights
    Our youth nights serve as excellent socials in a safe, caring environment. Youth can expect to enjoy video games, board games, basketball, table tennis, and lots of other activities.
  • Community Service
    The Center is continually encouraging our youth to give back to the community and city. Our teens have worked with many local organizations and causes, including the Ronald McDonald House, Metro City Interfaith Youth, Over the Rhine Rehabilitation, and Feed the Needy.

The current board members (for 2015-2016) are: Shahrez Khan (president), Mariam Soliman (vice president), Lein Ghuniem (secretary), Amal Saeed (treasurer), Dana Hanieh (PR)

Youth advisors are Adam Soliman, Rashma Faroqui and Komal Safdar

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